Cooking Oil Equipment

Inside Solutions

Find the best answers for indoor used cooking oil storage in Onken’s selection of grease tanks, rigorously leak tested and quality manufactured from heavy-gauge steel.

What options exist for indoor cooking solutions?

All of our grease storage options are individually leak tested and have embossed serial numbers for ease in inventory tracking. There’s a variety of options available for your indoor cooking solutions needs! Here’s a quick list of our offerings:

 What sizes are Onken’s indoor cooking oil storage containers available in?

Onken understands that you may have limited space, so we provide multiple sizing options for our selection of inside cooking oil containers. We have containers as compact as 175 gallons to as impressive as 3000 gallons to fit the needs of you and your business.

Can I customize my Onken’s indoor cooking oil storage?

Yes, Onken’s indoor cooking oil storage products are available in durable powder coat finishes with custom colors and designs to match any brand identity. Contact us with any questions—we love doing custom work!