Cooking Oil Equipment

Quality Containment for Yellow Grease & Beyond

Feed the need for customized cooking oil collection with the unsurpassed construction of Onken’s yellow grease containers and bins. The Onken’s recipe for quality is proven, with years of experience and custom fabrication integrated into every build. For any operation or customer, or for the renderer who wants to exceed customer expectations, Onken’s standards top the list for durability and efficiency.

What kind of Onken’s containers are available for cooking oil collection?

For used cooking oil collection, Onken’s offers a wide range of leak-tested products including inside grease tanks, a range of sizes and lid types for outside grease containers, heated tanks and containers to make emptying easier, double walled containers, trailers and more. Some of the most common sizes include 110, 210, and 300 gallon grease bins and 215 and 300 gallon enclosed grease tanks. A variety of color options are available to suit any brand or theme.

Are the sizes on the website the only Onken’s cooking oil containers available?

Onken’s will work with customers and renderers to design and fabricate the container, configuration and color that suits their needs.

For more information on any of Onken’s products, contact or 309-562-7271.