Automotive Oil Tanks

Double-Wall (UL Listed)

Custom Double Wall Auto Oil Storage Built to Last


Double-wall protection is a must – the EPA mandates it, and it is just good business. Spill prevention regulations call for operations with more than 1,320 gallons on their property to store liquid (oil, cooking oil, diesel, gas) in double-wall containment. Onken’s containers not only meet these regulations, they exceed our own strict standards, and those of every customer.

For new or used storage, Onken’s double-wall tanks are quality manufactured from tough 10-gauge steel that won’t melt in the event of a fire and are UL-listed & NFPA 30-compliant.

Each product features:

What sizes are available for Onken’s double-wall tanks?

Onken’s double-wall tanks are available in 120-, 185-, 240-, and 500-gallon sizes to contain new or used automotive oil. Single wall construction is also an option.

Will I need to assemble Onken’s tanks when they arrive?

Onken’s tanks arrive assembled and ready for use in the field.

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