Automotive Oil Tanks

Custom Auto Oil Storage Built to Last

Step up to the line for safe, rugged oil storage. Customer-driven and engineered to last. Onken oil tanks lead the way for automotive providers who want to distinguish their performance. From custom powder coat colors to tank configurations, the customization options are endless. Oil is too expensive to waste – and spills only add to the cost and risk. Rev up safety and storage with an Onken automotive oil tank to protect this valuable and hazardous material.

How are Onken automotive oil tanks different from competitors?

Onken tanks are robot welded for a quality finish and are made from fire resistant steel. They are also UL rated and NFPA 30 compliant.

What options do Onken automotive oil tanks offer?

Onken automotive oil tanks are available in single and double walled designs for both new and used oil, and can be spec’d out with a wide range of options, including drip pans, racks, meter heads, reels, sight gauge guards, and pumps.

Are Onken tanks UL listed and NFPA 30 compliant?

Yes! Buy with confidence knowing that Onken tanks are UL listed and NFPA 30 compliant. Learn more about this certification by clicking here.

Do Onken’s automotive oil tanks come with all the fittings shown?

In regards to Onken’s automotive oil tanks, the picture tells it all. All tanks are priced out with the fittings shown. Onken’s can quote tanks without fittings if a customer requires it.

Will your oil tank survive a fire?

Don’t trust plastic for storing this valuable and hazardous material. Unlike poly tanks, which will melt in a fire, Onken tanks are manufactured from steel making them fire resistant.  See the result of a fire at a customer’s location by clicking here.

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