Spill Prevention

Does the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule apply to you?

According to the EPA’s SPCC rule, if your location has an aggregated (total) above ground storage capacity greater than 1,320 gallons, you fall under this regulation. The inspectors consider all oil and fuel in containers with storage capacity of 55 gallons or more when they are assessing your facility. If you have 1,320 gallons or more of total storage capacity, then you are required to provide a secondary means of containment.

All of Onken’s double wall containers and tanks meet this secondary containment requirement, by providing double wall storage with a secondary capacity of 110% of the primary tank in case of a leak. If you find yourself in need of double wall containment for your used automotive oil, new automotive oil or cooking oil, we can provide you with a tank or bin to meet the SPCC requirements.

For more information on the SPCC requirements, click here. (link to SPCC website.)

Why is it important to safely store used oils and prevent spills?

The term “oil” can be associated with disastrous incidents to the world’s most delicate ecosystems. Green initiatives to protect the environment are a reaction to the damage already done by current energy consumption trends. So, if we are mindful of our actions now, then we can prevent environmental damage due to industrial oil spillage.

Closer to home, industry-standard spill prevention techniques help keep your employees safe on the job. Onken’s double wall containers help minimize the potential for a spill, which keeps employees and customers safe, all while keeping the environment protected. The double wall container is essentially a tank within a tank that provides extra security in the case of the primary tank getting a leak. If a leak occurs in the primary tank, the secondary tank would contain the leak.

It’s important to note that Onken’s products are made of steel and can withstand a fire. On the flip side, take caution if you’re using storage containers made of plastic. If a fire were to occur there is high risk of the plastic container melting or spilling oil resulting in adding fuel to the fire (literally) and, at the very least, spilling oil out onto the ground creating additional hazard.

Onken’s tested one of our steel tanks durability during a fire and compared how it stood up to its plastic counterpart (spoiler alert: the steel tank came out on top!) Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself here! (link to the fire cut sheet)

Who needs spill prevention products?

Spill prevention helps many businesses store and safely dispose of their used industrial oils. If you’re a restaurant owner that uses cooking oils, a car mechanic that stores automotive grease, or any business that uses heating oil to warm their building, you will need professional storage and spill prevention products to keep your employees, property, and the environment safe.

Does Onken adequately provide spill prevention products to customers?

Our dedicated staff constantly strive to better our products for our customers and provide the highest quality storage containers to fit your individual needs. From simple purchases to more involved custom work, Onken works with you to make your dreams a reality. Contact us for your custom quote!