Portable Hydraulic Fluid Filtration System

Standard Features

  • Completely self-contained
  • 10 gallon per minute pump
  • Powered by 110 volts
  • Filtered down to 5 microns with water separator
  • Pre-filtered to remove larger contaminates before entering the pump
  • Auto shut off when water separator is full
  • Filters hydraulic fluid twice
  • 160 gallon capacity
  • Robot welded
  • 10 gauge steel
  • 1 year manufacturing defect warranty

Product Details

Even the most stringent maintenance schedule often overlooks the hydraulic system. Water and contaminants build up in the fluid and eventually cause the failure of this sensitive system – seals break down, hydraulics freeze, lines burst – causing costly repairs. Onken’s new Hydraulic Fluid Filtration System puts proactivity on the front lines, to keep maintenance costs down and operating life up.

Powered by a 110-volt pump, the Hydraulic Fluid Filtration System filters twice to remove all contaminants and eliminate water. Just a turn of the valves and a push of the button for clean, water-free hydraulic fluid that adds years of life to both vehicles and hydraulic systems.

Where does Onken’s Hydraulic Filtration System put the fluid?

This easily maneuverable 160-gallon tank and filtration system quickly evacuates hydraulic fluid into the self-contained tank. Then, simply reverse the flow to filter a second time and add it back into the vehicle reservoir.

How often should I use Onken’s Hydraulic Filtration System?

Because of the convenience, this filtration procedure can easily be added to your normal maintenance schedule.

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