7 Tips to Prevent Commercial Grease Theft

Published April 24, 2019

Why is commercial grease safety important to a business?

Used cooking oil (or commercial grease) goes by some odd nicknames—"liquid gold” or “golden gunk.” Once processed into biofuel, it can turn into several heavily popular household items like body soap, lotion, or shampoo! So, it’s pretty much a shiny (greasy) pile of money in the eyes of thieves.

Protecting yourself extends to keeping your business safe, too. Whether it’s set procedures to decrease employee safety risks or a well-thought-out plan to keep property and equipment safe, there’s always steps a business owner can make to ensure that their livelihood stays secure and functioning for a long time!

What are some ways to protect your commercial oil?

Peek at these 7 quick tips to prevent grease theft from your business!

1. Monitor Oil Levels Frequently As you place used cooking oil into your secured storage unit, be mindful of the previous oil level—if the container seems oddly lower than you remembered and you haven’t scheduled a pick up since the last fill, you may have a sticky situation on your hands!

2. Use Properly Secured Lids & Containers If you find that your cooking oil is going missing a little too frequently, it may be time to replace the container you’re using to store it! Onken has a great supply of indoor and outdoor solutions to store your used cooking grease in highly-secured containers. Check our folding security lid, too!

3. Keep An Eye Out For Unmarked & Suspicious Trucks Make sure you stay knowledgeable about any suspicious trucks or out-of-place employees lurking around your units!

4. Install Security Cameras If your company’s security budget allows, install security cameras around the storage area of your used cooking oil! These cameras can help detect any fraudulent behavior around your precious supply of “liquid gold.”

5. Install Fencing Around Your Storage Unit Keeping thieves out of your storage container area is your business’ first line of defense. If you can swing it, use an indoor storage solution to avoid the issue of an unattended and out-in-the-open used commercial grease storage unit. But, if your supply amount requires outdoor storage, try fencing that area to deter thieves!

6. Know Your Trucks Confidently recognizing the type of truck and employee uniform used by your company’s preferred used oil recycler can keep your commercial grease supply that much safer!

7. Call the Police If you happen to stumble across a robbery-in-action starring your used commercial oil, don’t be a hero- call the police and file a report right away. Try to gather as much helpful information about the thieves as possible to help law enforcement find the people responsible, while also keeping in mind your safety and the safety of your employees.

Where can I learn more about the safe storage of my used commercial grease?

If you are craving even more information about the latest in used oil storage, explore our website to see all your storage options! Or, contact us today about your next used oil storage container!