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Custom Large Capacity Heated Grease Tank

Standard Features

  • Custom Tanks can be manufactured to have stainless inner body to heavy gauge steel outer
  • Can be double walled and insulated
  • Many variations made to fit your needs, from height requirements to unique footprints and capacity requirements
  • Customized fittings to meet requirements for building codes and haulers
  • Can be manufactured to work with many pumping variations and attachments 

Product Details

For larger applications, spec out a custom large-capacity heated grease tank.

Choose double walled and insulated for maximum protection, and add a stainless inner body to heavy gauge steel outer to ramp up the ruggedness. Specify fittings to meet building code and hauler requirements, or request designs to work with any pumping variation and attachment. From specific height restrictions to unique footprints and capacity requirements, Onken’s custom tanks fit any recipe for efficient, successful yellow grease handling.

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