recycling trailer, Onken trailer, WVO trailer, used cooking oil trailer, rendering trailer, food waste trailer, organic recycling trailer
hot water tank
Hot Water Tank
dump valve
6'' Dump Valve
control valves
V-20 Control Valve
pressure washer
Pressure Washer Hose Reel
temperature gauge for hot water tank
Temperature Gauge for Hot Water Tank
toolbox for trailer
recycling trailer, Onken trailer, WVO trailer, used cooking oil trailer, rendering trailer, food waste trailer, organic recycling trailer
hot water tank
dump valve
control valves
pressure washer
temperature gauge for hot water tank
toolbox for trailer

Recycling Trailers

Standard Features

  • Custom lengths
  • Custom axle configurations
  • Corten or 409 stainless steel construction
  • Tug winches
  • Aluminum tool boxes
  • Spring or air ride suspension
  • Dump/non-dump
  • Heated dip tanks
  • Vacuum systems
  • Progressive cavity pump systems
  • Hydraulic operated pressure washers
  • And more

Product Details

The original still leads the way

Specs aren’t enough to give a true picture – when we say nothing is built better than an Onken recycling trailer, we’re talking from the ground up. Built to last. Engineered for excellence. Rendered for robust recycling. Count on Onken's recycling trailers to stand up to the toughest, wear-hard, workhorse conditions this business can deliver. Heavy-gauge steel, rigorous weld quality testing and unmatched attention to detail come standard with Onken’s – plus choose from a host of outstanding options to take the work up a notch if you desire. Each Onken recycling trailer is designed to an individual customers’ unique set of demands – partner with our engineers for a custom build to your own distinct specifications.

Onken’s recycling trailers feature:

  • 12 gauge Corten sides
  • 10 gauge Corten floor
  • Manufacturing to customer specifications
  • 12" crossmember spacing to increase floor integrity
  • Rebuildable arm cylinders with 1 1/2" mounting pins

Are Onken’s trailers available with stainless steel?

Onken's recycling trailers are manufactured with Corten steel floor and sides with stainless steel water tanks. However, customers can choose to upgrade floor and sides to 409 stainless steel.

Can I add an axle and change the length of my Onken’s trailer?

Yes, Onken's recycling trailers can be customized to any length and are available in custom axle configurations, such as a third axle. Onken's engineers work closely with customers to determine the specifications that are right for each business.

What can Onken trailers be used for?

If you need to collect a product in bulk, then an Onken trailer will likely work for you.  From grease, to oil filters, to organics, to glass and other recyclables, the Onken trailer and container combination has been used in a wide variety of applications. The options are endless.  Increase your efficiency by getting rid of your drums or other small containers and switch to the Onken bulk collection system.  

Can Onken trailers empty liquids stored in containers?

Yes! The patented trailer/container system is designed to keep the container level until it is over the holding area of the trailer. This keeps liquids from spilling on the ground or outside of the trailer.


For more information on any of Onken’s products, contact or 309-562-7271.

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